Open postdoctoral positions

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Department Faculty sponsor Research Application deadline
Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology Eric Sebzda Design new therapies to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases.  ASAP
Computer Science Sorin Draghici Multi-omics data integration, pathway analysis, subtype discovery, clinical trial optimization, and meta-analysis.  ASAP
Environmental Health Sciences Melissa Runge-Morris Gene expression regulation.  ASAP
Environmental Health Sciences and Pharmacology Michael Petriello Organic pollutants, pollutant toxicity and cardiometabolic disease. ASAP
Health Care Sciences Nora Fritz Neuroimaging and neurorehabilitation.  ASAP
Internal Medicine Li Li  Smooth-muscle cell development and dysfunction.  ASAP
Molecular Medicine and Genetics James Granneman Lipolytic protein trafficking and cellular plasticity in adipose tissues.  ASAP
Obstetrics & Gynecology Nihar Nayak Maternal-fetal interface and vascular complications.  ASAP
Oncology  Steve Patrick Pathways that chemosensitize lung, breast and ovarian cancer cells. ASAP
Ophthalmology, Visual & Anatomical Sciences Ahmed Ibrahim Metabolic reprograming in angiogenesis-driven eye diseases. ASAP
Ophthalmology, Visual & Anatomical Sciences Renu Kowluru Molecular mechanisms of diabetic retinopathy.  ASAP
Pharmaceutical Sciences Anjan Kowluru G protein-mediated signaling mechanisms underlying islet beta-cell function in health and diabetes. ASAP
Pharmacology Joongkyu Park Synaptic molecular dynamics that underlies memory formation; Alzheimer's disease 12/31/2020
Pharmacology Sokol Todi Endurance exercise in age-related degenerative diseases.  2/28/2020
Physics & Astronomy Giovanni Bonvicini Rare charm and bottom physics, Belle II detector and SuperKEKB accelerator.  ASAP
Physics & Astronomy Alex Matos Abiague Theory of topological superconductivity and spintronic devices for quantum information applications.  ASAP
Physics & Astronomy W.J. Llope Relativistic heavy ion physics.  ASAP
Physiology Charles Chung Cardiac muscle function and structure  ASAP
Physiology Jason Mateika Explore if hypoxia reduces sympathetic nervous system activity and blood pressure. ASAP
Physiology Emilio Mottillo Lipid metabolism and obesity-related disorders ASAP