Open postdoctoral position, faculty mentor M. Arif Hasan


By exploiting recently discovered analogies between acoustics, nonlinear waves, and quantum mechanics, this research will create the foundations for a path to promising and validating modes of storing, processing, and retrieving information in acoustic waves that complement conventional quantum technologies. For more information about the research/project, please see:

Required qualifications

  • A Ph.D. in engineering, mechanics, physics, mathematics, or a related field.
  • The position requires someone who will be a good fit for this project and has knowledge of acoustics, nonlinear waves, quantum mechanics, and information processing.

Required application materials

  1. Curriculum vitae (CV).
  2. A concise statement describing how you, as a prospective scholar, will bring a unique perspective to and enhance the research projects led by the Principal Investigator (PI). Clearly illustrate how your contributions will not only align with, but also advance, the existing projects.

Send the requested materials to Professor M. Arif Hasan, Ph.D., at