Responsible conduct of research

Training in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) is an institution-wide comprehensive training program conducted by the Graduate School. The program is presented as a zero credit course (GS0900) that provides general training in responsible conduct of research  practices. Additional discipline-specific training is provided by each individual departments or programs. The Graduate School's goal is to provide training in the general or core principles of RCR that, when combined with discipline-specific training, constitutes a complete program.

Course fall 2022

All new Ph.D. students and many postdoctoral scholars* are required to enroll in the RCR training course, GS0900 titled, "Essential Research Practices: Responsible Conduct of Research." This is a zero credit hour pass/fail course, so there are no costs associated with registration for new Ph.D. students. 

For fall 2022, the class will be entirely online. All components will be accessible through the GS0900 course site on Canvas. Ph.D. students can register for the course here. When searching for the course, enter 0900 in the course number box. The course registration number (CRN) is 15232. Click to add the course and proceed to complete the registration process.

Postdoctoral scholars can register for the course here

The RCR program has three components: 1) an online CITI training module that introduces the basic concepts of RCR; 2) online modules that provides WSU-specific RCR information on how to manage RCR issue, and 3) discipline-specific training provided by the trainee's department or program. Components 1 and 2 comprise the Canvas GS0900 online course. The discipline-specific training (component 3) can be completed any time, but all three components should be completed by the end of the second year.

Fall 2022 GS0900 Syllabus

Per NIH guidelines, RCR training must be refreshed every 4 years and all trainees must take an online refresher course after a four-year period.

*Postdocs funded by OVPR are required to attend this course during their first year; failure to do so will result in funds for year two not being transferred. Postdocs funded by federal funds (e.g. NIH and NSF) are also required to attend this course during their first year, per the U.S. government. All other postdocs are highly recommended to take this course during their first year at Wayne State. Questions? Please contact

Questions? Contact Associate Dean Dr. Todd Leff at