Open postdoctoral position, faculty mentor Christopher Kelly


This position will focus on the membrane properties (i.e., shape, and tension) involved in lipolysis as part of a collaboration between the Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics at Wayne State University. This research includes computational and experimental approaches in the laboratories of Professors Christopher V. Kelly, Y. Mindy Huang, and James G. Granneman. Competitive candidates will bring and develop expertise in fluorescence, molecular dynamics simulations, or cell biology. The specific tasks and mentorship plan for the fellow will be formulated based on their interests and ambitions.

Required qualifications

Expertise in model membranes (e.g., SLBs, GUVs, and aLDs), fluorescence methods (confocal, TIRF, and super-resolution methods), or computational methods for 100nm-scale systems. A strong candidate with come with expertise in some of these methods and be excited to learn new ones. See CVKelly Lab for more information.

Required application materials

Please send a CV and a cover letter to