Open postdoctoral position, faculty mentor James Granneman


The laboratory of James Granneman at Wayne State University School of Medicine has positions available for postdoctoral fellows in the area of metabolic disease research. Research will be conducted in the new Integrative Bioscience Center (, which contains state of-the-art facilities and a highly collaborative research environment. Two NIHfunded research programs are currently being pursued:

1) Analysis of lipolytic protein trafficking. This project uses novel pharmacological, genetic, and biophysical tools to investigate evolutionarily-conserved mechanism of lipolysis in adipose tissue, muscle, liver and cancer cells (Cell Metabolism 22:852, 2015; J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 363:367, 2017; Mol Metab 7:57. 2017).
2) Analysis of cellular plasticity in adipose tissues. This project uses genetic tracing, histology, and single cell functional genomics to address mechanism of cellular plasticity and function in adipose tissues (Cell Metabolism 28:300, 2018; FASEB J 29:286, 2015; Cell Metabolism 18:355, 2013)

Required qualifications 

Successful applicant will have experience and interest in metabolic disease research with laboratory experience in one or more areas that include: cell biology, molecular biology, adipose tissue biology, pharmacology, and quantitative imaging. Preference will be given to applicants who are eligible for NIH fellowships.

For more information contact
James Granneman