Joint degree programs

A joint degree program is a formally approved and authorized program between two cooperating graduate or graduate and professional programs that permits the use of a limited number of credits to fulfill requirements in both programs.

Eligibility for joint degree programs

To be eligible for joint degrees:

  • Both programs must be previously approved Wayne State programs.
  • The admission, academic and graduation requirements of the separate programs remain unchanged in the joint program, except as provided herein.
  • The required core courses for both programs must be completed.
  • The number of credits that may be double-counted cannot exceed 20 percent of the total credits for the two separate programs.
  • Joint degrees cannot be awarded retroactively.

Guidelines for proposals for joint degree programs

Proposals for joint programs should include the following:

  • The participating units
  • The names of the degrees
  • Indication of one program as the primary program
  • The contact person's information


  • Explanation of why a joint degree should be approved for these two programs
  • Description of the need for and inherent value of a combined program

Program benefits

  • Description of the benefits of the joint program to the student, to the participating units and to the university

Curriculum of each program

  • A description and list of the core, minor and elective requirements of both programs, including the number of credits in each requirement, and the total number of credits required for each of the participating degrees

Double-counted credits

  • A list of the courses and the number of credits from each program that will be double-counted, how they will be applied to the other program and the total number of credits required in the joint program

Student admission and graduation requirements

  • Students must meet the admission and graduation requirements of both programs and enroll concurrently in the two programs during most of the period in which they are earning the degrees. If they complete requirements for only one degree, one degree will be awarded.

Assessment information

Approval procedures

Before submission to the Graduate Council, a proposal must be approved in its entirety by:

  • Departmental faculty and chair (in non-departmentalized colleges the proposal must be approved in its entirety by the school/college faculty)
  • School/college faculty governing body
  • School/college dean

Upon submission to the Graduate Council, the New Programs and Program Review Committee will review. After approval from the New Programs and Program Review Committee, the proposal is also evaluated and reviewed by:

  • Dean of the Graduate School
  • Provost
  • The Board of Governors makes the final authorization