3+2 programs

Commonly known as 3 + 2 programs, joint undergraduate/graduate degree programs may be established between an international institution and Wayne State University by a collaborative Implementation Agreement.

Guidelines for 3 + 2 programs

Provisional admission classification for participants

The 3 + 2 programs allow academically talented students to complete both the undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years. Students complete three undergraduate years at the international institution and come to Wayne State for their fourth undergraduate year. During this year, they enroll in specified graduate and undergraduate courses to complete the baccalaureate requirements. They are awarded the baccalaureate degree by their home institution. Students then complete the master's requirements at Wayne State and are awarded the master's degree by Wayne State. Graduate courses satisfactorily completed (minimum grade of B) during the first Wayne State year will be applied toward requirements of both degrees.

Guidelines for establishing 3 + 2 programs

These guidelines outline joint undergraduate/graduate program requirements and are intended to standardize their creation. The following issues should be addressed by proposals for such joint programs with international institutions.

Identify participating programs

  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • WSU home unit and school/college
  • Contact person
  • International institution and program
  • Attach approved Implementation Agreement.


  • State the rationale and advantages to WSU as well as the international institution

Stature of international institution and program

  • Describe the institution and program ranking in context of their country
  • Describe the international institution's reputation globally

Maximum credits applied to both degrees

  • A maximum of 16 credits in designated graduate courses may be applied to both programs. Proposed programs may limit the number to fewer credits.

Summary of proposed program

  • Baccalaureate degree requirements at the international institution
  • Specific WSU courses in fourth year to be applied to baccalaureate
  • Specific WSU courses in fourth year to be applied to master's degree
  • Master's degree requirements (total credits, core, research, thesis, internship, etc.)
  • Include a sample Plan of Work

Assessment information for the graduate degree program


  • All students must be assigned an advisor upon arrival at WSU. Explain how advisors will be identified.

Provisional admission eligibility
Please see provisional admission document below.

Provisional graduate admission procedures 
Please see provisional admission document below.

Regular graduate admission procedures 
Please see provisional admission document.

Transfer of courses

  • Only those master's designated courses taken during the fourth year in which the student earned a B or higher may be applied toward the master's degree requirements.


  • Non-resident graduate tuition rates will apply.
  • The student will be responsible for all costs.


  • Students who have completed the baccalaureate requirements will be eligible for WSU graduate funding during the second year.

International student requirements

  • Students must maintain the appropriate international student status and conform with all international student requirements.

Master's degree graduation requirements

  • Satisfactory completion of all master's degree requirements
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • The student must have attained a regular admission classification, and an official transcript with the baccalaureate degree posted must have been received by the Graduate Admissions Office. The master's degree will not be awarded until such a transcript is received.


  • The graduate director of the master's program (or designee) will administer the program. Identify the person who will serve as the administrator.

Approval procedures

Before submission to the Graduate Council, a proposal must be approved in its entirety by:

  • Departmental faculty and chair (in non-departmentalized colleges the proposal must be approved in its entirety by the school/college faculty)
  • School/college faculty governing body
  • School/college dean

Upon submission to the Graduate Council, the New Programs and Program Review Committee will review. After approval from the New Programs and Program Review Committee, the proposal is also evaluated and reviewed by:

  • Dean of the Graduate School
  • Provost

Establishment of a provisional graduate admission classification for international students

The international student provisional graduate admission classification is established to allow a one-year admission to Graduate School for applicants to joint undergraduate/graduate degree programs established between an international institution and Wayne State University by a collaborative Implementation Agreement. Students are expected to complete the baccalaureate requirements and begin master's coursework during this provisional year. The provisional admission classification is not intended to serve students of three-year baccalaureate degrees.

Requirements for provisional admission include:

  • Provisional admission is available only for applicants to designated Implementation Agreement programs. Applicants must complete the normal application process.
  • Provisional admission will be contingent on the completion of 90 semester credits (or equivalent) toward the baccalaureate degree, based on the articulation agreed upon in the Implementation Agreement.
  • Applicants must have an undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.25 (or equivalent). Specific programs may require a higher GPA and may stipulate additional requirements for admission
  • Applicants must present the university's minimum TOEFL score, currently 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based) or 79 (Internet-based) or the minimum IELTS score, currently 6.5. Specific programs may require higher minimum scores.

At the end of the provisional year, to obtain a regular admission classification, students must present to the Graduate Admissions Office:

  1. A letter from the program graduate director certifying the student's satisfactory completion of the provisional year requirements and approving the student's continuance with the master's program.
  2. An undergraduate transcript with the baccalaureate degree posted.
  3. If the degree posted transcript does not arrive in time, the student will be granted a temporary admission. When the transcript arrives, the temporary admission will be changed to regular.