Moratorium and discontinuance

Requests for admissions moratoriums to and the discontinuance of graduate programs must be submitted to the Graduate School.

Admissions moratorium procedures

  • The request should be submitted in the form of a memo to the dean of the Graduate School, and it must state the rationale for the moratorium, the start date, and the length of time it will be in place.
  • The moratorium should be approved by the department chair and the school/college dean's office.
  • It will be reviewed by the New Programs Committee of the Graduate School and also must receive approval from the dean.
  • Once approved, the Office of the Registrar will be notified.

Program discontinuance procedures

  • Generally an admissions moratorium will be requested in advance of a proposal for discontinuance.
  • The proposal should contain the rationale for discontinuance, an explanation of how current students will be accommodated and the effective date the program will be discontinued.

Approval procedures

Before submission to the Graduate Council, a proposal must be approved in its entirety by:

  • Departmental faculty and chair (in non-departmentalized colleges the proposal must be approved in its entirety by the school/college faculty)
  • School/college faculty governing body
  • School/college dean

Upon submission to the Graduate Council, the New Programs and Program Review Committee will review. When the committee is satisfied with the proposal, a summary is distributed to all Graduate Council members, and the originators are asked to present the proposal and answer any questions that arise. After approval from the Graduate Council, the proposal is also evaluated and reviewed by:

  • Dean of the Graduate School
  • Provost
  • The Board of Governors makes the final authorization