Meet the 2022 graduate ambassadors

Alexandria Ballard-SimsDoctoral student in nursing practice

I believe the DNP will provide me with the tools to use evidence-based research to close the gaps in health disparities in heart and kidney diseases in Detroit.

Tracy BoycePh.D. candidate in learning design & technology

I hope discussing my experiences inspires others—particularly young people, BIPOC individuals, and those over 50—to consider earning a graduate degree.

Yasha ButtPh.D. candidate in chemistry

I'm a proud Warrior because Wayne State imparts great leadership and kindles enthusiasm in its students. 

Yogesh JoshiPh.D. student in anatomy & cell biology

Wayne State University offers a community of students from different backgrounds and cultures, which makes it a small world within a campus.

Emily PhillipsMaster's student in occupational therapy

I am proudest to be a Warrior because there is so much change and new developments that emerge from this university that impact the world.

Ariel Seay-HowardPh.D. candidate in communication

There is such a vibrant and encouraging community of scholars at Wayne State, and we all want to help the future generation of students thrive and be successful. 

TiKilah TurnerMaster's student in social work

To have a university in an urban city means nothing if there's no tie-in to the community it takes up space in. The dedication to supporting and uplifting communities of color is what makes me proud to be a Warrior. 

Peter VarmaGlobal Executive Track Ph.D. candidate in industrial & systems engineering

Detroit is diverse, upbeat and energetic. Everyone is welcome here, and there is always something new happening.... There is no place in Michigan quite like it.

Nouran YonisPh.D. student in biochemistry

I am proud to belong to an academic and research university that allows me to learn and expand my skills in every way.