Success for Underrepresented Students in Graduate Education (SURGE)

Success for Underrepresented Students in Graduate Education (SURGE) is a graduate mentorship program supporting students from underserved backgrounds, including first-generation college students.

The program formally launched in January 2021 when SURGE trainees were paired with graduate student mentors. They participate in one-on-one mentoring, seminars, training sessions and workshops.

Additionally, SURGE trainees have an opportunity to apply for the AGRADE master's scholarship, which can greatly reduce graduate school tuition.


The SURGE application is currently closed. 

Questions? Email Program Director Mary Wood at


Shaqyna Ross
SURGE trainee
Student in secondary education

"We don't only learn more information about our future careers, but we also learn valuable information we need during our daily lifestyle such as creating a resume, saving, protecting our mental health, and filing taxes. These are things we don't learn in school."

Sarah Whitney
SURGE mentor
Master's student in social work

"​​My mentee is incredibly smart, she teaches me new things constantly. She challenges me and has helped shape my world view and mentoring her has required me to do a great deal of self-reflection so that I could support her reflection. My experience has been gratifying and humbling and I highly recommend it."