Spotlight: Graduate Ambassador Yasha Butt

Yasha Butt

Meet Yasha Butt, a 2022-2023 ambassador from the Department of Chemistry in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Below she talks about why she chose Wayne State and her career aspirations. 

What inspired you to attend graduate school? 

I have always been very passionate about becoming a biochemist entrepreneur. Soon after my undergrad, I realized that profound knowledge of bio-enterprise products was possible through advanced sciences. Therefore, I decided to join graduate school to fulfil my entrepreneurial dream so I can bring the best products to light which would benefit the community. 

Why did you choose Wayne State?

I knew a couple of Wayne State alumni who are now doing wonders in their fields of interest. One of those alumni is a good friend of mine, performing services related to magnetic resonance imaging modality at St. Jude Children Research Hospital. I was inspired by how successful WSU alumni were in problem solving, leadership, collaboration, and the list goes on. Therefore, when I learnt about the chemistry program at the university with erudite faculty for research, I decided to select Wayne State University for my higher studies.

What are your research interests? 

My research interests are concentrated towards genomics, a multidisciplinary field that has great potential for successfully achieving public health goals. 

What do you like most about the Detroit community? 

I admire the diversity in Detroit. It is a place for everybody no matter where you are from. People from all walks of life come together to restore the city to its magnificence. The city has a huge potential and so much can be done.

What makes you proudest to be a Warrior? 

I'm a proud warrior because Wayne State imparts great leadership and kindles enthusiasm in its students. 

What made you want to be a graduate ambassador?  

As a graduate ambassador, I'll get the opportunity to connect with other graduate students from different majors. It'll be a wonderful time sharing, as well as being all ears to their experiences and stories. 

How do you envision your career after Wayne State? 

I plan to start my career at an industry where I can gain specialized work experience related to the application of genomics and next-generation sequencing technology. As a long-term vision, I plan to establish a bioinformatics-freelance organization that would connect hospitals, industry, and academics together with access to a plethora of data from scientific databases so the experts in bioinformatics can perform data analysis from their own locations. 

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