Forms for Ph.D. students

Many of the below forms are available for you to sign electronically. These instructions will help you use the Dynamic Forms service to securely complete and electronically sign forms.

Required for all Ph.D. students

  • Annual Review/Individual Development Plan. Complete each year between April 1 and October 1.
  • Plan of Work and Transfer of Credit. Submit at the end of your first year in the Ph.D. program, but not later than the semester in which you will complete 40 credit hours of coursework, including transfer credits or credit applied from a master's degree. If applicable, the Transfer of Credit form must be submitted at the same time as the Plan of Work.
  • Report on Oral Examination. Submit after completing the oral qualifying exam, unless this function is fulfilled by the prospectus defense.
  • Recommendation for Candidacy Status. Submit to advance to candidacy. Qualifying exams must be complete, 50 hours of coursework or more must be complete, and the dissertation advisory committee must be named. Submission of this form allows a student to register in the dissertation sequence.
  • Request for Dissertation Research Course override. Submit once you have a Recommendation for Candidacy Status on file with the Graduate School in order to register for 9991, 9992, 9993, 9994, then 9995. 
  • Prospectus and Record of Approval. Submit after the prospectus has been defended, once IRB or IACUC approval has been obtained. The Conflict of Interest must be submitted with the prospectus. 
  • Change in Committee. Submit this form if you make a change in composition of your committee after the prospectus has been defended. 
  • Final Defense Report and Conflict of Interest. Submit two weeks before the date of the dissertation defense. Be sure to review the final requirements forms and guides in the section below.
  • Time Extension Request. This form is for Ph.D. students who have passed the regular 7-year time limit. It should be filed during the semester in which a student will reach a time limit, no later than two weeks before the final date (for example, between September and December 15 for a student who will reach a time limit on Dec 31, 2021). Extensions of up to a year can be requested. If additional time is necessary, you may file a new request.

Additional forms

  • Change of graduate status request. Submit this form to change from your current WSU graduate program to a new graduate program; or to add a second graduate program to your current program. This is for departmental use only and should be submitted to the graduate office of the new program.
  • Petition and authorization for directed study. This form is for departmental use only and does not need to be submitted to the Graduate School.
  • Request for approval of additional service assignment. This form is for students holding a GTA/GRA/GSA position or fellowship who have been offered an additional service assignment at the university. Up to ten hours a week of additional service may be authorized.

Final requirements forms/guides