SURGE Scholars 2021


  • LaSondra DawnEd.D. student in educational leadership & policy studies

    I chose Wayne State University because of its amazing location, reputation and inclusive learning environment.

  • Tiara V. HintonPh.D. in pharmaceutical sciences

    I plan to obtain a faculty position at a univeristy where I can do research and help train the next generation of scientists.

  • Shana KingMaster's student in anatomy & cell biology

    I wanted to be a SURGE mentor in order to spread my knowledge of what I learned in order to help my fellow peers succeed.

  • Zekeyra PhillipsMaster's student in counseling

    Wayne State is not only CACREP accredited, but I know many wonderful and successful people who attended WSU for graduate school—my mother included—and they have inspired me to strive for the best education possible.

  • Kelli Anne Van BurenEd.D. in education evaluation & research

    I have made some mistakes on my educational journey and in life. I want to help other students bypass some of those mistakes.

  • Isabella WarmbrunnMaster's student in basic medical sciences

    I chose graduate school to prepare myself academically for a career in healthcare supporting marginalized communities.

  • Sarah WhitneyMaster's student in social work

    I felt called to help heal my community through therapy and I knew the way to that calling was through an MSW.


  • Sarah ArredondoPsychology

    I have an idea of what to expect in graduate school thanks to my mentor sharing her own experiences.

  • Shanjana ChowdhuryKinesiology

    I wanted to be a SURGE mentee because I knew the struggle and stress during graduate applications. I wanted someone who can mentor me throughout the process to grad school so that I am able to make my application stand out.

  • Alondra Cruz AlmesticaSecondary education

    I can help my community and field better if I attend graduate school. I also want to help improve the representation of Afro Caribbean and AfroLatinx women in academia.

  • DestanĂ© DoughtyAfrican American Studies

    I was interested in pursuing a graduate degree but felt as though I didn’t have the knowledge to navigate through the process effectively. SURGE equips us with the tools and support needed to make once lofty goals practical and accessible.

  • Madison J. FordMathematics

    I have always been someone who desires to learn more, and I want to continue growing my knowledge as well as credibility. I know graduate school will help accomplish those things.

  • Camryn KowalskiPublic Health

    My mentor has provided a space where we can communicate about my struggles and the questions I have.

  • Brenda RodriguezPsychology

    I am a first generation college student so, I was really nervous about graduate school. I didn’t even know where to start. With SURGE, I feel like I finally have a place to ask questions and get help where it’s needed.

  • Elena Rodriguez MarcozziArt

    My mom got her master's degree in nursing from Wayne State and that definitely inspired me to aim higher. I want to become an art therapist, which requires a master's degree, and I think that would prepare me to help people express themselves and heal in the future.

  • Nabiha MuminExercise & Sport Science

    I want to become a physician assistant because I want to help improve access to care in undeserved communities to bridge the gaps in health disparities.

  • Shaqyna RossPsychology

    The SURGE program will help me get a head start on knowing what to expect after undergrad.

  • Abriana WhiteElementary education

    I wanted to be a part of this program to learn more about the graduate school and what scholarships there are.