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As an association run by postdocs for postdocs, the WSU-PDA's mission is to promote the professional development and social well-being of the postdoctoral community at Wayne State University. We aim to:

  • Optimize the professional development of postdoctoral scholars at Wayne State University in order to facilitate their successful transition to a professional career
  • Promote social interactions between its members by creating a forum for social gathering and discussion of issues related to the postdoctoral experience at WSU.
  • ​Recognize outstanding postdoctoral scholars at WSU, highlight the impact of postdoctoral research within WSU and connect WSU postdoctoral scholars to regional and national postdoctoral organizations.
  • Organize community outreach efforts by the postdoctoral scholars of WSU.

The WSU-PDA is run by a steering committee composed of a dedicated team of postdocs from various departments across the WSU campus. In addition to the steering committee, several standing committees have been set up to effectively carry out the mission of the WSU-PDA. These include the Professional Development, Advocacy, Media and Networking, Events, and Fundraising and Publications committees. The advisor for the PDA is Associate Dean of Compliance and Postdoctoral Development, Sokol Todi.

​Please read the WSU-PDA's bylaws for further information.

Upcoming events

February 12, 2020 | Monthly Meeting
Noon to 1 p.m. 
Scott Hall #1358, 540 E. Canfield 

The PDA's February meeting will begin with Dr. Eno Latifi sharing his research and experiences. 

Dr. Eno Latifi received his Ph.D. in nutrition and food science from Wayne State University. He is a clinical researcher in the fields of chronic kidney disease, on hemodialysis, cardiovascular disease, lipid metabolism, and nutrition. As an experienced researcher, he looks at new opportunities to impact and advance medical science. At Wayne State University, he has served various roles, with the latest as a Sr. Research Scientist and trial Project Manager. He was in charge of study experiments in addition to Big Data Analyses. He was also a University Lecturer at the Nutrition and Food Science Department. The title of his presentation will be "Dyslipidemia on Lipid Metabolism in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients – A Multinational Clinical Trail". Join us and RSVP!

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