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Forms for hiring units, mentors and trainees

Annual review for postdoctoral scholars
Checklist for new international postdoctoral trainees
Guiding principles between postdoctoral scholars and their mentors
Individual Development Plan (IDP) for postdoctoral scholars
Postdoctoral trainees renewal letter
Postdoctoral trainees offer letter and agreement
Mentor/Mentee compact
Postdoctoral Handbook (coming soon)

Policy update

As of September, 2016, University Policy 00-2, Position Definitions and Terms of Appointment For Titles Held by Graduate Students and Postgraduate Trainees, Section 4.0, Postgraduate Trainees, is being revised to change the number of years that a postdoctoral trainee's appointment can be extended without approval for an exception. The maximum number of years is now six, rather than three. The minimum annual FTE salary is $36,000.   

The relevant section of UP 00-2 is as follows:

4.1.6, The postdoctoral researcher position is a temporary position with a maximum term of three years. Appointments are normally made for a period of one year. Extensions beyond six years require prior written approval of the dean of the Graduate School or their designee.

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