Wayne State University Pathway to Faculty program

The Wayne State University Pathway to Faculty program is an innovative initiative to diversify the professoriate at Wayne State. Through this program, pre-faculty fellows will be guided to and prepared for the acceptance of tenure-track faculty positions into which they will transfer upon fulfillment of predetermined metrics. 

Ongoing support will be provided by the Office of the Provost. Individuals who identify as members of historically marginalized groups in their chosen field of higher education are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Current and upcoming open pre-faculty fellows

There are currently no open pre-faculty fellow positions.

Pre-faculty fellow qualifications

Successful candidates for the Pathway to Faculty program will have shown exceptional promise in research or creative activities and scholarship along with a demonstrated desire to pursue a tenure-track position while advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Applicants must have or be seeking a:

  • Doctoral degree
  • Terminal master's degree
  • Professional degree

Applicants may have up to, but not exceeding, two years of post-graduate training (i.e., postdoctoral equivalent or creative activities). They must also have a confirmed date of degree completion. 

Program benefits

Depending on standard practice in the specific field or discipline, fellows will receive the following benefits: 

  • 2-3 years of funded post-terminal degree training
  • 2-3 years of funding as an independent, tenure-track faculty member (to follow the post-terminal degree training, for a total not to exceed five years)
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Research support and stipend
  • Mentoring team (see below)

Pre-faculty fellow mentoring team

The Pathway to Faculty program utilizes a "Brain Trust" model for faculty mentoring. This means all pre-faculty fellows will have a full team supporting them with various roles and responsibilities. The table below outlines the six mentor types, their responsibilities as they pertain to the pre-faculty fellow, and their qualifications. 

Current pre-faculty fellows

Wayne State welcomes our first pre-faculty fellows to join our vibrant campus community. Check back later for in-depth profiles on our fellows:

Learn more about the program

To learn more about the Pathway to Faculty program, or if you are interested in applying to one of the pre-faculty fellow positions, contact Graduate School Associate Dean Angulique Outlaw at aoutlaw@med.wayne.edu. If you are interested in applying for one of the current or upcoming positions, please be sure to mention your program of interest.