Criminal justice welcomes Shamma Hickling, Ph.D., as pre-faculty fellow in Pathway to Faculty program

Shamma Hickling
Shamma Hickling

The Department of Criminal Justice at Wayne State University has named Shamma Hickling, Ph.D., their pre-faculty fellow for the Pathway to Faculty (PFT) program.

Hickling earned his doctoral degree in criminal justice from the University of Cincinnati where his dissertation ‘Soldiers to Cops: Military Experience and the Making of a Police Officer’ allowed him to research important aspects of policing, such as militarization, reform, and provided him with the opportunity to address challenges related to the growing number of combat veterans going into law enforcement.  

“As a veteran of the United States Army and the North Carolina National Guard, I have found a research agenda that combines my life experience and coursework,” Hickling said.

Hickling will continue his research interests in policing and criminal justice systems alongside his PTF faculty mentors Charles Klahm, Ph.D., and Yuning Wu, PhD., at Wayne State University. Currently, Hickling is in the early stages of research projects that explore de-escalation training and issues concerning abandoned properties.

“I hope my research will be of use to citizens who wish to be educated on criminal justice issues and seek safety for their communities,” he said.

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