Graduate Employees Organizing Committee (GEOC)

The Graduate Employees Organizing Committee (GEOC) is the union representing graduate student employees at Wayne State University.

Frequently asked questions about GEOC dues

Who pays dues?

Graduate assistants in positions represented by the GEOC/AFT have the option of paying union dues (union member) or paying a representation service fee (non-member)

What forms are to be completed and by whom?

Every student offered a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) or a Graduate Student Assistant (GSA) position has the option to complete a Graduate Employees Organizing Committee Union Membership/Representation — Service Fee Card. The completed card is submitted to the Employment Services Center (typically with the appointment packet). The instructions authorized by the graduate assistant (deduct dues or fees) are initiated only if and when the graduate assistant is placed in a GEOC/AFT-represented position. This form is not applicable to Graduate Research Assistants.

Does the graduate assistant need to complete a card for every appointment?

No. The card is activated only if and when a graduate assistant moves to a represented position. When the student is in a non-represented position, the Employment Service Center simply retains the form in a non-represented file for possible future use. A student who was a graduate research assistant would not have completed the card and may only want to do so if and when they are appointed to a GSA or GTA classification.

How are the dues/fees paid?

Graduate assistants authorize payroll deduction from their biweekly paycheck, which will be activated when they are in a represented position.

When are dues/fees deducted?

Whenever possible, dues and fees will be deducted beginning with the first pay in a semester and extending through the last  pay of the semester. The biweekly deduction is prorated so that the entire semester dues amount is deducted over the course of all the semester pays.

What if the graduate assistant changes their mind regarding the information on the authorization card?

A graduate assistant may change the information they indicated on the card by submitting a new completed, signed and dated card, clearly marked as REVISION.  

The revised card should be submitted to the Employment Service Center. The employee and the hiring unit should retain a copy of the form.