Congratulations to the 2023 Graduate Research Symposium winners

Platform Presentations

1st place

  • Archana Mannem: Marketing, "Carbon labeling and its implications on consumer behavior"
  • Andrew Montano: Music, "Super Mario Bros.: a musical and psychological analysis"
  • Christine Thacker: Theatre & Dance, "The case for sightless somatic ballet study"

2nd place

  • Gabriel DeLong: Counseling Psychology, "The category is...body: a culture-specific BID intervention program for Black gay cismen"
  • Hosanna Fukuzawa: Social Work, "The Ainu, psychiatry, and eugenics"
  • Adam Martin: Kinesiology, Health & Sport Studies, "Effects of a ketogenic diet intervention in a masters-level marathoner: a case study"

3rd place 

  • Furkan Cakmak: Civil Engineering, "Michigan's problem: bridge deck fascia deterioration"
  • Benjamin Chapman: Music, "Organicism in twenty-first century composition"
  • Annie Nguyen: Translational Neuroscience, "Gestational benzene exposure increases neuroinflammatory susceptibility in murine male offspring"

Poster Presentations

March 6

  • 1st Place: David Moutard, Physics & Astronomy, "Unveiling accretion in ultra-compact X-ray binaries with NICER and NuSTAR"
  • 2nd placeYi Tian Yap, Physiology, "Targeting the MEIG1/PACRG interaction for male contraception"
  • 3rd placeRayane Dennaoui, Oncology, "Cooperative functions of cytokine signaling through JAK1 and JAK2 in orchestrating postnatal mammary"

March 7

  • 1st place: Mohamed Dabaja, Biological Sciences, "Sensory neurons and insulin signaling modulate oogenesis and fertilization in C. elegans"
  • 2nd placeGrant LeVasseur, Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience, "Stress and naloxone-precipitated morphine withdrawal effects on conditioned fear learning in rats"
  • 3rd placeFranziska Loetzner, Kinesiology, Health & Sport Studies, "Examination of reported quality of life following a one-year longitudinal health intervention"

March 8

  • 1st place: Solomon Effah, Chemistry, "Computational investigation of the photo-physical properties of cytidine analogue of perylene"
  • 2nd placeBedan Khanal, Civil Engineering, "Safety assessment of suburban type arterial roadways: new findings using heterogeneity models"
  • 3rd placeAshley Pall, Pharmacy, "Characterization of the biophysical properties of iron chelating drugs and applications in treating"

Three-Minute Thesis Competition

  • 1st place: Nicholas Adzibolosu, Physiology, "Developing personalized medicine for ovarian cancer"
  • 2nd place: Taylor Takla, Translational Neuroscience, "The relation of the brain to motor and cognitive factors in fear of falling"
  • 3rd place: Alixandria Mascarin, Translational Neuroscience, "Addiction memories drive drug relapse"

2023 Graduate Research Symposium