Housing payment plan enrollment fee reimbursement

Effective Fall 2018, eligible Graduate Assistants (GRA, GSA, GTA) can apply to receive a $40 reimbursement of their payment plan enrollment fees for Wayne State University Housing and Residential Life for each Fall and/or Winter semesters of their first, second, third, or fourth years. To be eligible:

1. The GRA/GSA/GTA must be in good academic standing

2. Submit the application by the deadline (Fall – November 1; Winter – March 1)

3. Upload the required two (2) documents with each submission:

  • A copy of the bill/invoice reflecting total rent and payment plan enrollment fee
  • At least one receipt reflecting payment toward the current semester WSU Housing payment plan

Important information: 

  • Reimbursement will only be authorized if the Graduate Assistant (GRA, GSA, GTA) is enrolled in the payment plan for WSU Housing and Residential Life by the November 1/March 1 deadline.
  • The Graduate School will review the reimbursement request after the November 1/March 1 deadlines and process an award payment.
  • If your tuition account balance is zero, the university will issue a payment to you.
  • If your tuition account is not zero, the balance on the account will be deducted from your reimbursement payment.

Housing payment plan enrollment fee reimbursement form