Role of unions in the workplace

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What are unions in the workforce? What is their purpose? Why are they so polarizing?

Unions have existed for much of the past century and are especially well-known in Michigan. And while many people associate unions with the automotive industry, there are many other industries and purposes that have recently made news with unions. From college athletics to Starbucks and Amazon, the idea of a “union” has been a major news topic for the past few years.

Mike Ilitch School of Business Professor Marick Masters will lead an overview of unions and their role in the workplace today. Attendees will learn about the role of unions in different workplace settings and what they mean to various levels of professionals.


Marick Masters

Marick Masters

Marick F. Masters is currently interim chair of the Department of Finance at Wayne State University, where he is also a professor of management and adjunct professor of political science. His research expertise is in business with a focus on labor political activity, labor unions, union finances, federal/public sector labor-management relations, and employee voice and engagement.

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  • Doctoral students
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  • Master's students
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