A sneak peek at living in Detroit

By James LiakosMaster of Business Administration student

The Detroit skyline seen from Belle Isle.

Detroit has been my home for over two years now since moving here a couple of months prior to enrolling at Wayne State University in 2019. Living in the heart of the city, I have had the opportunity to experience everything Detroit has to offer. From an eclectic variety of restaurants to historical and cultural sites, there is never a boring day here in the city. One of the many great t things about Detroit is the river. In it sits one of my favorite spots to spend my time in the city: Belle Isle, just a few minutes’ drive from Wayne State’s campus. The isle is home to one of the oldest aquariums in the country as well as the historic Detroit Yacht Club and Detroit Boat house. During the summer, I join others as we bike around, enjoy picnics in the park and even hangout on the beach. In addition, there is a golf driving range where I’ve spent some time working on my golf game! Probably one of the best parts of the island is the view of the city. There is also the Detroit Riverwalk that has its own park and stretches miles down the river, which makes for a relaxing walk or jog.

Another favorite spot of mine is the Corktown area of the city. I recently moved there in the fall of 2021 and have loved being able to walk to some of my favorite bars and restaurants in the area. Living Corktown has also presented me with the opportunity to meet other young professionals that work in the city or are attending classes at Wayne State University. There are constant new developments popping up, including new apartments, shops, and activities (one of my favorites: axe throwing in Corktown!) I’ve loved being able to experience new life flood into the city of Detroit!

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