Master's funding

The Graduate School offers several scholarship opportunities and awards specifically for master's students when funds are available. See the below information for the AGRADE Scholarship, the Graduate School Recruitment/Retention/Completion Scholarship, Dean's Merit Scholarship and Workforce Development Scholarship. The Heberlein Teaching Award is also open to master's students who have teaching responsibilities at the university.

  • AGRADE Scholarship

    The aim of this scholarship is to reward AGRADE students who have graduated with their bachelor's degree and enrolled in their master's only year at Wayne State. AGRADE programs enable qualified seniors to enroll simultaneously in an undergraduate and graduate program and apply credits towards both a bachelor's and master's degree in their major field.

    The AGRADE Scholarship covers up to 4 graduate credits of tuition in the semester(s) awarded at the in-state* WSU Graduate School rate effective that semester.


    To qualify for this scholarship, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

    • This scholarship is specifically for AGRADE students who are making the transition to their master's-only year. Applicants must have enrolled in AGRADE during their undergraduate years and have earned their bachelor's degree at Wayne State University by time of award.
    • Enrolled in their first or second master's-only semester during semester awarded.
    • Enrolled in at least 3 credits of graduate level coursework in semester awarded.
    • Have satisfactory academic standing in their departments and an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    • Have not received Graduate School funding for semester awarded. Specifically,
      • Students receiving tuition scholarships from The WSU Graduate School (e.g., Graduate Professional Scholarships) are not eligible.
      • GTA, GSA, and GRA recipients and students receiving tuition-paying fellowships are not eligible.
    • The purpose of this fellowship is to support students as they work on their academic and professional growth. Thus, it is expected that the recipient will participate in at least three Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development (GPPD) Seminars during the academic year. Information about these seminars is located here. Students who fail to participate in at least three GPPD Seminars will be ineligible to apply for this award in subsequent years.


    To apply, student should submit:

    • An official copy of their WSU undergraduate transcript and a copy of their acceptance letter to a WSU master's Program for the upcoming semester
    • An approved master's Plan of Work that reflects their AGRADE status
    • A letter from the Graduate Director for their current master's program addressing the student's satisfactory progress in their program of study
    • Compile all application materials and upload using the online application form

    Award decisions will be made by committee and will be announced approximately one month after the submission deadline.

    Before applying for or accepting any scholarship or fellowship, please consult with WSU Financial Aid regarding how such an award may affect your financial aid package, including loan eligibility.

    Questions about this Graduate School Scholarship should be directed to

    Application deadline: April 13, 2018

    Application form

    * Students who are assessed out-of-state tuition, including students on F1 visas and other non-resident students are still responsible for paying the out-of-state portion of their tuition bills. To determine if you qualify for in-state tuition rates, check here

  • Recruitment/Retention/Completion Scholarships

    These partial scholarships from the Graduate School are granted to WSU schools and colleges to recruit and retain outstanding master's students. Nominations are made by the departments and programs to their schools and colleges, which then submit nominations for review and  approval by the Graduate School.

  • Workforce Development Scholarship

    The Workforce Development scholarship is geared at supporting working students. Wayne State University will match the funds of employer contribution to tuition reimbursement.

    Students who receive Workforce Development scholarships usually receive notification approximately one month prior to the start of the upcoming semester. Workforce Development scholarship funding is available in all semesters. Contact your department for details.


    Workforce Development scholarships are determined by the department. To see if you are eligible, please check with your Graduate Director in your respective academic department.

    The following college/schools award Workforce Development Scholarships:

    • Mike Ilitch School of Business
    • College of Engineering
    • School of Information Science
  • Dean's Merit Scholarship

    The Graduate School awards scholarships to international students entering two-year master's degree programs after completing a three-year bachelor's or diploma program in another country. Students may receive up to $3,000 per semester towards their studies.


    • Recipients of the Dean's Merit Scholarship must be enrolled in at least eight credit hours in the semester in which the award is granted.
    • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher to maintain or renew the scholarship.
    • The Dean's Merit Scholarship is available to students from select international universities that have articulation agreements with Wayne State University.


    Dean's Merit Scholarship awards are determined by the academic department. Decisions are generally announced one month prior to the upcoming semester by the department.

    Before applying for or accepting any scholarship or fellowship, please consult with WSU Financial Aid regarding how such an award may affect your financial aid package, including loan eligibility.

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