Summer Dissertation Award

The Graduate School holds an annual competition for Summer Dissertation Award for advanced Ph.D. students. The award period covers the months of June, July and August, and provides summer support to recipients while they work full time on their dissertations.

Consideration will be given to Ph.D. candidates who have an approved prospectus on file and anticipate defending their dissertations within the academic year following the award period. The application requires the signed endorsement of the dissertation advisor, confirming that the student has sufficient resources and faculty support to conduct full-time dissertation work during the summer. The most recent Annual Review/Individual Development Plan must also be included in the application. See application below for full details.


Consideration for awards will be given to Ph.D. students who have:

  • Satisfied all the requirements of their degrees except the final oral defense
  • Not exceeded the seven-year limit for completion
  • Have completed sufficient work on their dissertation projects, plus have resources and faculty support in place to devote full-time to completing and defending their dissertation by May 31, 2021; students who plan to defend in spring/summer 2020 are not eligible
  • Not previously received a Summer Dissertation Fellowship
  • Been continuously enrolled following a successful prospectus hearing

Note that as stated by university policy, Wayne State employees, i.e. persons providing a service to the university, are not eligible to receive fellowships.


Application deadline for Summer 2020:  December 6, 2019 Download application

Before applying for or accepting any scholarship or fellowship, please consult with WSU Financial Aid regarding how such an award may affect your financial aid package, including loan eligibility.

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