Graduate Professional Scholarship

The Graduate School sponsors an annual Graduate Professional Scholarship competition for tuition awards in the fall and winter semesters. The GPS scholarship provides payment for resident tuition assessments only at the effective in-state* Graduate School tuition rate–a minimum of 6 graduate credits and maximum of 10 credits can be covered in each of the fall and winter semesters. Covered courses must count towards degree requirements (undergraduate, audited or dropped courses are not covered by GPS).

The review process is conducted by a selection committee of university faculty. Award decisions are not subject to appeal. Applicants must reapply to be considered for subsequent years.


  • Students pursuing advanced professional degrees (Ed.D., M.S.W.) or graduate degrees (master's, Ph.D.) in all Wayne State University schools and colleges are eligible. Students pursuing the PharmD., J.D. or M.D. are ineligible and should consult the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Law School or School of Medicine respectively concerning financial assistance.
  • Students must have applied for admission to a Wayne State graduate or advanced professional degree program before they can apply for the Graduate Professional Scholarship.
  • To be considered for a Graduate Professional Scholarship award, new students must be formally admitted to an advanced professional or graduate program by May 1, 2020.
  • Students admitted to post-bachelor, graduate non-degree and graduate certificate programs are not eligible.
  • Recipients may not hold:
    • A graduate assistantship (GRA, GSA or GTA)
    • A tuition-paying internship
    • A tuition-paying fellowship
    • A tuition-paying scholarship
    • A full-time WSU position with tuition benefits
  • Recipients must make satisfactory progress in all courses and must register for a minimum of six graduate credit hours each semester to retain the scholarship award.
  • The scholarship must be used during the period for which it is granted.
  • The purpose of this scholarship is to support students to become skilled professionals. Thus, recipients are encouraged to  participate in at least three Graduate and Postdoctoral Professional Development (GPPD) Events during the academic year.


Before applying for or accepting any scholarship or fellowship, please consult with WSU Financial Aid regarding how such an award may affect your financial aid package, including loan eligibility.

Application form

Deadline: March 1, 2020

* Students who are assessed out-of-state tuition, including students on F1 visas and other non-resident students are still responsible for paying the out-of-state portion of their tuition bills. To determine if you qualify for in-state tuition rates, check here