Tuition payments for graduate assistants

Departmental guidelines

Who pays

  • Departments pay the resident assessment portion if the student is supported on a non-general fund account (org/index). The tuition payment should be made from the same account (org/index) from which the salary is taken.
  • The Graduate School pays the difference between the non-resident and the resident rate for all graduate assistants who are not Michigan residents.
  • The Graduate School also pays the resident rate for graduate assistants in general fund positions.

How to pay

  • Payment is made electronically via Student Award Authorization in Academica or a Payment Authorization form for departmental scholarships, grants, awards, prizes and loans. This form is available on the financial aid website — look under the forms section. Complete the entire form (be sure to check all appropriate boxes) and send the form to the  Scholarship division of the Undergraduate Admissions Office. 

What to pay

  • For graduate assistants, the department pays the resident rate. Note that the tuition scholarship only covers graduate credits on the student's approved Plan of Work. It does not cover undergraduate, audited or the assessment for withdrawn credits. The student is responsible for payment of these credits as well as any credits over the tuition scholarship amount.

When to pay

  • A department should submit the Tuition Payment form well before the semester begins in order to ensure that the student is not assessed late payment fees and does not receive a statement from Student Accounts Receivable. If you know how many credits the student will enroll for, pay the related amount. If you do not have the enrollment information, submit payment for the maximum number of credits to be paid (10 each for fall and winter and 2 for spring/summer).  You will need to request any adjustments later in the semester. 

Payment process

  • The Scholarship division of Undergraduate Admissions will  review the form and then schedule the payment in Banner. The payment will disburse into the student's tuition account when payment disbursement is processed. This may take place weekly or even daily during registration periods. Note that you have not paid the tuition until the payment disburses (i.e., submitting the form does not mean that you have paid the tuition). If the student indicates that there is a payment problem, it could be related to a number of factors. Contact

If the student needs to pay

  • Graduate assistants who need to pay for some enrolled credits are responsible for only the resident rate as long as the credits are on the approved Plan of Work. The amount due is calculated by adding the per-credit resident rate and the student service per credit fee rate and multiplying that total by the number of credits to be paid. 

Graduate tuition schedule