King-Chavez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program

The KCP-FFF Program was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 1986 as part of the larger King-Chávez-Parks Initiative, designed to stem the downward spiral of college graduation rates for students underrepresented in postsecondary education. The purpose of the FFF Program is to increase the pool of academically or economically disadvantaged candidates pursuing faculty teaching careers in postsecondary education.

The Graduate School — with the support of the King-Chavez-Parks Initiative of the Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development — sponsors one competition annually for (KCP) Future Faculty Fellowships. The purpose of the fellowship is to assist students in doctoral programs who intend to pursue full-time teaching positions in postsecondary institutions within one year of receiving their doctoral degrees at Wayne State University. Applications are encouraged from those who would otherwise not adequately be represented in the graduate student and faculty populations.

The fellowship program provides an annual stipend for one year, and KCP fellows are eligible to reapply for additional years of support for up to three years or a maximum of $35,000 over a three-year period. A student may receive this fellowship in addition to other awards.


  • Eligible applicants must also be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and Michigan residents as defined by the university.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program at Wayne State University.
  • Students pursuing the J.D. or M.D. degrees should consult the Law School or School of Medicine.

Note that as stated by university policy, Wayne State employees, i.e. persons providing a service to the university, are not eligible to receive fellowships.


A committee of Wayne State University faculty will review the applications and recommend candidates to the Dean of the Graduate School. Selections will be made on a competitive basis using criteria that include academic performance, research accomplishments and potential, faculty and advisor recommendations, and the personal statement. Fellowship decisions are not subject to appeal.

Award notification will be sent by mail no later than mid-August.

Eligible students who are enrolled in or admitted to a doctoral program at WSU for the 2019-20 academic year must complete the KCP application form and submit it, along with supporting documents, by the April 1, 2019, deadline date.

Before applying for or accepting any scholarship or fellowship, please consult with WSU Financial Aid regarding how such an award may affect your financial aid package, including loan eligibility.


Make certain your application is complete:

  • Submit transcripts from all degree-granting institutions along with a Wayne State University transcript (if you are a current student).
  • Request recommendations from three faculty members using the form provided. If you are currently in a WSU program, one of the three recommendations should be from your advisor and one from your graduate director. We recommend that you submit only current recommendations.
  • Provide curriculum vitae – a brief statement of your educational goals and scholarly achievements.
  • Have all required materials available before beginning the application.

Conditions for acceptance

A recipient of this fellowship must agree to:

  • Obtain a doctoral degree within eight years of receiving the fellowship
  • Begin a teaching position in a postsecondary institution within one year of receiving the doctoral degree
  • Remain in such a position for no less than three years (service obligation reduced if the fellowship awarded is less than the maximum amount)
  • Submit an annual progress report during the fellowship period

The fellowship shall be forfeited and considered a loan subject to repayment in full to the State of Michigan if:

  • Good academic standing is not maintained
  • The doctoral degree is not obtained within eight years
  • The fellow does not begin a teaching position in a postsecondary institution within one year of receiving the doctoral degree
  • The fellow does not remain in such a position for at least three years

Documentation regarding satisfaction of teaching requirements

Download: Satisfaction of Teaching Obligation Template

KCP Fellows agree to teach full time for an equivalent three-year period (or appropriate period based on the fellowship awarded) after obtaining the doctoral degree. Students may satisfy part or all of the obligation while a KCP fellow pursuing the degree. Documentation confirming teaching assignments must be provided to the State of Michigan KCP Initiative Office.

Please note the following:

Documentation should be provided as soon as possible following completion of the teaching assignment. A letter, on university letterhead, should be signed and sent by the department chair or university official who can confirm information about the teaching assignment. It should not be sent by the KCP fellow.

The letter must provide the following information:

  • The semester(s) during which teaching took place
  • The course(s) taught
  • Whether the department considers the teaching assignment as full or fractional time (e.g. ¼, ½, ¾)
  • A signature of the department chair or school/college dean
  • More than one semester of teaching information may be included on the same letter
  • The KCP fellow will receive a written response from the KCP Initiative Office indicating satisfaction of all or a portion of the service requirement.

The letter should be sent to the attention of:

Future Faculty Fellowship Program
King-Chavez-Parks Initiative
State of Michigan Workforce Development Agency
Victor Office Center, 3rd Floor
201 North Washington Square
Lansing, Michigan 48913
Phone: 517-373-9700
FAX: 517-373-2759

A copy of the letter should be sent to:

Ms. Lakshmi Sabapathy
The Graduate School
5057 Woodward, Suite 6305
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan 48202
Phone: 313-577-8051
FAX: 313-577-2903

Questions? Contact Karen Schramm, Coordinator, KCP Future Faculty Program

Keep us informed

Please let us know what you will be doing after you receive your degree. Also notify us and the KCP Initiative Office of any change of address by emailing Karen Schramm,, and

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