Heberlein Teaching Award

These awards, established by contributions from the former Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, Gary Heberlein, recognize Wayne State graduate students for demonstrating instructional excellence. The awards are designed, in part, to elevate the attention given to teaching as part of graduate education and the preparation of graduate students to serve as college and university faculty. The awards include an honorarium and a citation that will be presented at the Academic Recognition Ceremony. List of previous recipients.


The Heberlein Teaching Award competition is open to all graduate students who are currently enrolled in a Wayne State graduate program and who have teaching responsibilities at the university.


  • The Heberlein Teaching Award recipients are determined through the nomination process below.
  • Nomination Materials
  • Nominations should be made by the department chair or program director using the nomination form.
  • Nominations must also include:
    • Letters of support from faculty and students
    • The nominee's teaching portfolio
    • A one-page table summary of the Student Evaluation of Teaching scores (no comments)
    • A current curriculum vitae
  • Nomination materials cannot exceed 25 pages.

Nomination deadline: January 8, 2019

Nomination form