International application required records

Unofficial transcripts

To begin the application review, upload unofficial (your personal copy) English-translated foreign transcripts from all post-secondary educational institutions from which you earned a bachelor's degree or higher, including mark sheets, if applicable.

A degree in-progress transcript from a non-U.S. institution will be accepted for the application review.

**Note: Current WSU students can view and print unofficial transcripts in Academica (Student Resources > Student Records > View Unofficial Transcripts).

Official transcripts (academic evaluation)

Once you are admitted to a program, you must request a course-by-course academic evaluation be sent to Graduate Admissions to verify your academic records.  The official course-by-course academic evaluation serves as the official transcript.  To avoid any delays in your enrollment, it is advised that you begin the academic evaluation application as soon as possible. 

All applicants with a bachelor's degree from a non-U.S. institution must submit an official course-by-course transcript evaluation of that degree, which serves as the official academic transcript, completed by one of the following credential evaluators (Only reports from the below services will be accepted.):

If you choose to use multiple transcript evaluation services from the above approved list, only the first evaluation report received will be used as the official transcript when making an admission decision, as well as, for transfer credit purposes. The official course-by-course transcript evaluation must be electronically transmitted from the credential evaluator directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions. When making your institution selection, please be sure to select the following Wayne State University office:

Wayne State University
Office of Graduate Admissions
5057 Woodward Avenue, Suite 6000
Detroit, MI 48202

Credential evaluation deadlines

Official credential evaluations must be received in the Office of Graduate Admissions by the following term deadlines:

  • Fall July 31
  • Winter  November 30
  • Spring/Summer  April 30