Coalition for next generation life science

Wayne State University is delighted to join the institution of the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science consortium to increase the transparency of training outcomes for life science students and postdoctoral researchers. 

Publically available data is essential to help students in biomedical disciplines make informed career decisions. Data increasingly indicate that Ph.D. alumni move between diverse employment sectors over the course of a career, making it imperative to prepare students for success in a variety of work environments. The data collected by the Consortium has the potential to transform graduate programs through data-driven reforms, and will help institutions design doctoral training to prepare students for a changing economy and meaningful careers.

In keeping with the Consortium's primary goals, our data sets have been posted for your viewing using the unified career taxonomy to ensure uniformity among the participating institutions. The initial set includes data on the following:

  • Ph.D. students and postdoctoral scholars demographics by sex, underrepresent minority status, citizenship status.
  • Admissions, yield, selectivity, time to-degree, and completion rates.
  • Postdoctoral scholars status of career outcomes by 3 tier taxonomy grouping
    • Employment Sector 
    • Career Type
    • Job Function

For subsequent data sets, Wayne State will collect and publish data on median time in postdoctoral status, career outcomes for Ph.D. alumni, and career outcomes for postdoctoral alumni in accordance with Consortium milestones.