Graduate-level Scholarship Policy


  • Students must maintain an overall minimum 3.00 GPA to remain in good standing.
  • Grades below 3.00 are not considered adequate at the graduate level, although a limited number may be accepted if they are offset by sufficient numbers of higher grades to maintain a 3.00 average.

Departmental restrictions: Departments may further restrict the acceptability of grades below 3.00 by limiting the number of grades allowed below 3.00 or requiring a minimum 3.00 in certain courses.


  • Students whose GPA falls below 3.00 are considered on probation and will automatically have a hold placed on their records, preventing any further registrations.
  • Such students must consult with their advisors to develop a plan for raising their GPA.
  • When a plan is developed, the graduate director should request the school/college graduate office to release the hold so the student can register.

Repeating courses

  • Departments determine the number of courses students are permitted to repeat. Students may only repeat courses in which they received grades of B- (2.66) or below. University financial support cannot be used for repeated courses.
  • Both the original and repeated grades will appear on the transcript, but only the second grade will be calculated into the GPA.

Graduate grades

A  = 4.00
A- = 3.67
B+ = 3.33
B = 3.00
B- = 2.67
C+ = 2.33
C = 2.00
F = 0.00
S = Satisfactory (not calculated in GPA)
= Unsatisfactory (not calculated in GPA)

  • Note: The grade of C- is not a graduate grading option; it is an F.

S and U grades are given in certain fieldwork, practicum and internship courses, and as the final grade for the doctoral dissertation.


  • I     Incomplete is given when a student has not completed all the work for a class and the instructor believes the student can complete any missing work without attending regular class sessions. The student has three semesters in which to submit the missing assignments. An Incomplete grade will revert to a failing grade after one calendar year.
  • Y     Deferred is given in certain courses such as essay, thesis and dissertation when the work of the course is planned to continue beyond the semester. The Y is changed to a grade after the completion of the work.
  • Z      Auditor is given when the student has formally registered for a course as an auditor.


  • Students who request course withdrawals beginning with the fifth week of the term will receive one of these notations:
    • WP Withdrawal with a passing grade earned to date
    • WF Withdrawal with a failing grade earned to date
    • WN Withdrawal, never attended, or no graded work to date
  • These notations are not calculated in the HPA.   
  • The request for and approval of withdrawals is processed through Academica.