Spotlight: Graduate Ambassador Ta’Shara Francis-Brown

By Ta’Shara Francis-Brown, Master of Studies in Law student

Prior to starting graduate school, I fell into an HR career. Seeking to compliment that career, I pursued and completed the Master of Arts in Employment and Labor Relations (MAELR) at Wayne State. It was at the end of this program when I was introduced to the Master of Studies in Law (MSL) through Wayne Law that is tailored to HR professionals. After attending an informational meeting, I knew this was the perfect way to set me apart in the ever-evolving HR realm and entered the program.

Reflecting on when I started at Wayne State as a traditional freshman in 2009, I, like many other freshmen wanted to be a psychologist. Although I loved Intro to Psych, Dr. Marcus Dickson’s description of his 200-plus page dissertation had me seeking a different route. A chance encounter at Lansing Community College in my hometown compelled me to take a sociology class and subsequently change my major to that.

Following freshman year, after taking that sociology class, I decided to stay home and work. After finding out I was pregnant in 2011, my aunt and grandmother encouraged me to return to college. They paid my past due balance, and I was able to re-enroll at WSU. Pregnant with my first son, I began taking courses online while still living in Lansing. When he was about 6 months old, I had taken all the online classes I could take for my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, so I returned to Detroit to continue my education. I was then immersed (again) in the rich history and culture of the city and Wayne State’s campus. While finishing my bachelor’s, I welcomed a second son in December 2014 and walked across the stage at Ford Field in May 2015.

The road has not always been straight or easy, but it was my road to travel. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and in divine order. I have gotten so much educational experience and lived experiences at Wayne State that have molded me into the student and professional I am. Currently, I work as an HR manager for a nonprofit. I know that the MSL program will help expand on all of the knowledge I have accumulated from WSU thus far.

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