Research Design and Analysis Unit (RDA) can help Warriors with research methodology

Do you have dissertation data you don't know how to handle, or a methods section for a master's thesis proposal that is causing you headaches? The Research Design and Analysis Unit (RDA) can help. RDA consultants offer one-on-one assistance with the design of research project and/or statistical and psychometric analysis of data. Inquiries can be related to master’s theses, doctoral dissertations or other research projects.

For instance, the RDA can help withdecorative

  1. Research design and methodology
  2. Approaches to data analysis
  3. Streamlining of data collection
  4. Power analysis and sample size determination
  5. Ensuring that planned analyses address hypotheses
  6. Data screening, diagnostics, and outlier detection
  7. Handling of missing data
  8. Scaling of survey items and assessment of reliability
  9. Reporting and interpretation of results

The RDA also provides assistance in the use of statistical software programs, including SPSS, R, LISREL, HLM, MPlus, and G*Power.

Consulting services are available to all Wayne State graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty and staff not supported by external funding (e.g. grants or contracts). For research supported by or conducted as part of external funding, these services are available for $75/hour. Consultation is available by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please contact the RDA at

5057 Woodward Ave., Room 8402.3

For more information, visit the RDA website.

Please note that the following services are not offered by the RDA: tutoring, performing data analysis, writing manuscripts, proofreading manuscripts, assistance with coursework or homework, qualitative data analysis, and computer technical support.

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