Registration open for Spring/Summer 2021 Introduction to R course

The Research Design and Analysis Unit (RDA) is hosting an online "Introduction to Data Management and Statistical Analysis in R" workshop this Spring/Summer 2021 semester. The session will run in accordance with the academic calendar, starting on May 10 and ending on Aug. 20, 2021. It is designed for graduate students and postdocs who are interested in discovering more about the open-source statistical software R and more generally, statistical analyses/data management.

The expected time commitment is 10-12 hours per week, including watching the weekly prerecorded lectures (~2-3 hours). Prior experience in R is not required and graduate students and postdocs from any department/discipline are eligible to participate. Yet, the time commitment of this workshop may be more for students without any prior graduate-level statistics and quantitative research training, especially when we start to discuss the statistical data analysis in the second half of the semester.

The workshop will be facilitated by the RDA Unit's director and consultants. To support the infrastructure and staffing required to run this semester-long workshop, there is a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee for graduate students/post-docs and $150 enrollment fee for faculty. Space is limited to the first 40 who register.

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Participants can expect to:

  • Learn the basics of R such as importing and exporting data.
  • Learn about R data structures and R packages.
  • Learn strategies for data manipulation within R (compute, recode, selecting cases, etc.).
  • Work through examples of how to conduct basic statistical analyses in R (descriptive, correlation, regression, T-test, ANOVA) and check the required assumptions.
  • Learn how to graph the results of basic statistical analyses in R.

The format of this workshop will be a combination of asynchronous online demonstrations/lectures, hands-on activities, and an independent final project. A "certificate of completion" will be awarded to students who actively participate in the workshop activities (i.e., those students who complete weekly assignments/the final project and watch the weekly pre-recorded lectures/tutorials).

Upcoming semesters

This workshop will also be offered in upcoming semesters. If you are unable to register for the Spring/Summer session but are interested in enrolling in the our R workshop, you can complete the pre-registration form for the Fall 2021 session. In doing so, you will be given priority when registration for the Fall session opens!

If you have any additional questions about the course content, expectations, or registration procedure, contact the instructional team at

Refund policy

If circumstances change and you are no longer able to participate in the workshop after paying/registering, there are two options: (1) you may choose to defer your registration to the next workshop session (e.g., defer to Fall session if you registered/paid for the Spring/Summer); or (2) request a refund of registration costs. It is important to note that refund requests must be made one week prior to the start of the workshop. The deadline to request a refund for the Spring/Summer session is May 7, 2021. Once the workshop has started, we are no longer able to provide refunds, but the participant can still defer their registration to the next session up until week five of the workshop.

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