Graduate School hosts mental health and wellbeing listening sessions

Evidence has long shown that mental health challenges are common among graduate students. Never mind the added stresses learning and conducting research amidst a pandemic and economic recession pose. In response to the growing body of evidence, the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) is partnering with The Jed Foundation to embark on a two-year project called Supporting Mental Health and Wellness of Graduate Students.

“This initiative will create a foundation for evidence-based policies and resources to support graduate student mental health and well-being, prevent psychological distress, and address barriers to effective support and care,” the CGS website reads.

To put the plan in motion, CGS selected member institutions to survey their student populations and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities their graduate students face.

Wayne State University Graduate School will host three remote, Ph.D. student listening sessions throughout September 2020. Those participating will receive a code name or number on Zoom, so that they may speak anonymously. The feedback will be used to help the Graduate School identify new programs, resources to support mental health and barriers to wellbeing at Wayne State.

Students registered to participate by Sept. 1. Those selected will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Groups of 8-12 students from various disciplines and backgrounds will be chosen to reflect the campus’ diversity.

The Graduate School has also selected a Ph.D. student to attend the CGS’ virtual event this October 15-16, 2020. Deans, researchers, campus clinicians and students from partner institutions across the nation will convene to discuss mental health in graduate education.

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