Graduate ambassador spotlight: Isaiah Adelabu

The Graduate School is featuring eight students and their unique paths through higher education. The essay below is written by Isaiah Adelabu, a Ph.D. student in the chemistry program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Technology, science and engineering principles always present myriads of concepts to wonder and marvel about. As a young boy who grew up in a suburban African community, I was fascinated and thrilled by the world around me.

At that early stage, I was impacted by information—cartoons and news on television with much emphasis on technological advancement and breakthroughs. I have always wondered in admiration at the discoveries made by scientists and researchers, who, at that time, became my childhood heroes and role models. This insight brought to my consciousness the need to follow a career that will present great benefit to the world around me.

The fundamentals of chemistry based on creating new materials and understanding how to improve on existing ones inspired my quest to study chemistry. Equipped with an undergraduate degree in industrial chemistry from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, and a master’s degree in chemistry from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in Saudi Arabia, it felt necessary to search for a graduate school with a high research index, robust chemistry program, inspiring curriculum, dynamic International community and excellent living conditions.

The chemistry program at Wayne State distinguished itself compared to other schools where I got offers. My undergrad exposure focused more on theories rather than practical research, but that hasn’t been the case at Wayne State. Here, the program is a satisfactory mix of theories and research, a classical approach toward chemistry.

My doctorate program at Wayne State has been an adventure as I gradually settle in and find my place in the whole picture while working in a dynamic laboratory. Upon completion, I will continue the materials-based research in whatever capacity I find myself. I am open to switching between academia and industrial research based on the trends in real time. A degree from Wayne State University will strategically position me to take on challenges in the future, either as a university professor or industry-based researcher. Generally, I like to call everything “an adventure” and allow God to place me where I will be a good fit while striving to be the best.

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