Graduate ambassador spotlight: Aaron Crump

The Graduate School is featuring eight students and their unique paths through higher education. The essay below is written by Aaron Crump, a master’s student in the business administration (M.B.A.) program in the Mike Ilitch School of Business

My original plan of study when I started undergrad was to pursue medicine. I was fortunate to receive a full tuition scholarship from the Detroit Public Schools District, specifically The Wade H. McCree Scholarship, which paid for my first four years of collegiate studies at Wayne State University. I planned on graduating in 2013, and then off to medical school that fall, but like the old wives’ tale says “The quickest way to make GOD laugh is to tell him your plans.”

My life didn’t go as I planned; I ended up actually graduating in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics. Through those added years, I realized I needed to fine tune my study skills and knowledge about medicine to pursue my aspirations of becoming a medical doctor. My character matured greatly. In retaking countless math and science courses, I found I had the perseverance to make it through. On May 5, 2016, I, Aaron Otto Crump, officially became WARRIOR STRONG!

In 2018, after taking the MCAT for a second time, I got into the University of Medicine Health and Science, a medical school located in Basseterre, Saint Kitts in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, I was not able to start my medical studies at that time due to financial restrictions. I was allowed to continue my graduate education at the Donald H. Maine School of Business at Davenport University, an affiliated partner that aids UMHS medical students in receiving an M.B.A. while attending the offshore campus. While completing my courses I researched accreditation and accolades of the surrounding business schools. Even Though Wayne State did not offer a concentration in healthcare administration, its AACSB accreditation was a huge selling point for me. 15 out of Michigan 77 colleges and universities only have this accreditation.  I also qualified for the GMAT waiver at Mike Ilitch School of Business. I chose the concentrations of supply chain and management. 

In 10 years, I “PLAN” for my career to be in hospital administration, specifically as a chief of a department with the aspiration of attaining CEO or president ranking of the hospital. I specifically want to work in a hospital in an urban area where there are health disparities. The COVID-19 pandemic brought light to how important it is for the underrepresented population to have equal access to healthcare.

No matter where life takes me, the degree will grant me the opportunity to increase my knowledge and skill set in supply chain, an essential cornerstone to any business.  

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