Embodying Wayne State University's commitment to community: A reflection on the physician assistant program

By Graduate Ambassador Melanie Corsten, a student in the physician assistant program

Wayne State University's mission statement is not just a collection of words on paper. It is a living commitment to social responsibility and the enhancement of the health and well-being of local communities. As a proud member of the physician assistant (PA) program at Wayne State, I had the privilege of translating this mission into action by volunteering at the Men's Health Fair in both October 2022 and 2023. 

This impactful event brought together dedicated medical professionals and community members to provide essential healthcare services, including free health check-ups, vaccinations, screenings, and access to medical resources for over 600 men in Detroit. In my role as a volunteer, I actively contributed by administering blood draws and EKG placements, offering interpretations, and participating in an ‘Ask the Expert’ panel to address medical queries from community members. 

2023 Men's Health Fair

Wearing my Wayne State gear and proudly displaying the university's patch on my white coat, I felt a deep sense of pride representing the institution's commitment to social responsibility and meaningful community service. 

Why Wayne State

One of the key factors that led me to choose Wayne State University's PA program is its consistent dedication to community engagement. Whether it's crafting Valentine's Day cards for patients at the Children's Hospital of Michigan or conducting sports physicals for participants in the Special Olympics of Michigan 2024, the PA program provides ongoing opportunities to give back. 

Being a part of Wayne State has fueled my passion for compassion and service, and I am committed to carrying this ethos into my future PA practice. My goal is to provide high-quality, affordable healthcare to underserved communities, all while proudly representing Wayne State University and its mission to make a positive impact both locally and globally. In doing so, I aim to contribute to the university's legacy of community impact and embody the spirit of social responsibility that defines Wayne State University. 

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