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Graduate Admissions
5057 Woodward, Suite 6304
Detroit, MI 48202
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Fund Your Studies

Support for graduate students is available from both institutional and non-institutional sources. Funding may be provided as graduate assistantships, fellowships, tuition scholarships, and grants. Eligibility, enrollment and application requirements vary. The funding web page describes the support available.

Graduate School Funding Sources
Scholarships, fellowships, professional travel & research support; some awards are competitive, some require nomination by the department.

Graduate Assistantships
Description, eligibility requirements, compensation & benefits, how to apply, union contract

KCP Future Faculty Fellowship Program
Application and award requirements

Additional WSU Funding Opportunities
Internal funding opportunities and information

External Funding Sources
Public and private sources of funding outside Wayne State 

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Information about applying for loans and grants is available from this office