Congratulations to the 2022 Graduate Research Symposium winners

Platform Presentations

March 8

  • 1st place: Erin Gianopoulos, History and Law, "Michigan taxation after Proposal A"
  • 2nd placeSarah Black, Biological Sciences, "Developing novel phytoscreening methods: Detecting carcinogenic environmental chemical contaminants" 
  • 3rd placeMichael O'Brien, Biological Sciences, "Beyond the canonical role of TFIIB"

March 9

  • 1st place: Nick Young, University of Michigan, "Developing course equity reports to understand and reduce inequity at the University of Michigan"
  • 2nd placeFatooma Saad, Communication, "Impact of family-related policy implementation on retention-related decisions among military"
  • 3rd placeRahul Jayan, Mechanical Engineering, "First-principles study of single-atom electrocatalyst for Na-S batteries and water splitting"

March 10

  • 1st place: Timiesha Knowles, Music, "From De Shank to De Whine: The musical reflections of political and sexual ideologies"
  • 2nd placeMaritza Garibay, Music, "Pauline's disciples: The continuing reverberations of Oliveros's deep listening practice"
  • 3rd placeKhairul Islam, Communication, "Social-mediated communication during water service disruptions"

Ultimate platform winners 

  • Wayne State University researcher: Timiesha Knowles
  • Visiting researcher: Nick Young from the University of Michigan

Poster Presentations

March 8

  • 1st place: Fathima Rukshana Mohamad Ramshan, Chemistry, "The uracilome of a mouse genome undergoing class switch recombination"
  • 2nd placeMichael Brown, Sport Science, "Depression, physical, and metabolic health in collegiate swimmers following a COVID-19 lockdown" 
  • 3rd placeLucynda Pham, Molecular Genetics and Genomics, "Increased CD11b+ immune cell infiltration promotes thoracic aortic aneurysm progression"

March 9

  • 1st place: Yatin Patel, Mathematics, "Minimal integral models for principal series Weil characters"
  • 2nd placeClaire Soave, Cancer Biology, "Mechanism-based drug development to treat advanced prostate cancer" 
  • 3rd placeJohanna-Lauren Roa, Speech-Language Pathology, "The importance of bilingual and multicultural competence in the field of speech-language pathology"

March 10

  • 1st place: David Henning, Physical Therapy, "Perceptions of newly diagnosed people with MS on exercise and physical activity: A qualitative study"
  • 2nd placeAshley-Lynne Miller, Counseling, "Exploring lucid dreaming in art therapy" 
  • 3rd placeBrenna Friday, Biological Sciences, "Uncovering the impact of microcystin on larval Rana clamitans growth and survival"

External poster winners

  • 1st place: Md Fyaz Sadiq, Michigan State University, "Mitigating frost heaving in roadways by engineered water repellency"
  • 2nd placeIvan Martinez, Oakland University, "How 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' speaks to and informs the dynamics of race today" 
  • 3rd placeMandy Hall, Michigan State University, "Long-COVID symptoms and their interference among survivors who contracted infection more than 3 months ago"

Three-Minute Thesis Competition

  • 1st place: Michael Drasher, Anthropology and Medicine, "Holistic healing: Continuities of care beyond the clinic"
  • 2nd place: Alixandria Trombley, Translational Neuroscience, "Investigating the co-localization of a fos neuronal ensemble and HDAC5 in the rat nucleus accumbens"
  • 3rd place: James McQuaid, History, "This union cause: The queer history of the United Auto Workers, 1935-2000"

2022 Graduate Research Symposium