Padmashree Herohalli Satyanarayana Rao

Padmashree Herohalli Satyanarayana Rao

Padmashree Herohalli Satyanarayana Rao

Master's student in the College of Engineering

Electrical Engineering
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

What influenced your decision to attend WSU?
The location of WSU at the automotive hub of the world was a major influence. Additionally, in the Midtown Detroit area most places are near campus such as downtown and other industries. The coursework offered at WSU for my program, electrical engineering, also included embedded systems which is of interest to me.

How did you navigate the application process with WSU?
During my application, my direct contact was with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS). They were available on phone and email to answer my questions and clarify regarding concerns that I had.

What resources did you find helpful during your transition once you got to the US from your home country? 
The Graduate Indian Student Association (GISA) and Indian Students Community Facebook page were very helpful in finding accommodation and transport from the airport.

How has your experience been living in Detroit?
Detroit has always amazed me and kept me asking what next. The North America International Auto show event at Motor City was the highlight for me last year.

What has your experience been as a graduate student in your area of study?
My focus is on embedded systems, and the professors in the program are very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. They help us out during projects and their guidance is enormous. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) also puts together seminars throughout the year where we, students, get exposure in our fields.

How do you unwind/spend your free time?
I love visiting places around such as Belle Isle and the Riverfront to spend time with nature.

Any advice for prospective graduate students considering WSU?
WSU is always dedicated to helping incoming students and the location is an additional advantage. Coursework offered also matches industrial needs and so it gives you the best experience.