Noopur Apte

Noopur Apte

Noopur Apte

Master's student in the College of Engineering

Industrial Engineering
Pune, Maharashtra, India

What influenced your decision to attend WSU?
I wanted to take courses that combined mathematics and mechanical engineering such as mathematical modelling in CAD/CAM. WSU offered such courses with the depth and the research I wanted to do.

How did you navigate the application process with WSU?
WSU helped a lot with my I-20 and gave me a scholarship. The scholarship was a new initiative by the Graduate School. They also responded promptly to my inquiries via email. Though some of the questions were outside of the scope of the Graduate School office, they directed me to the necessary links to have the queries answered.

What resources did you find helpful during your transition once you got to the US from your home country?
The housing department had great information on the options for graduate students. The Graduate Indian Students Association (GISA) community was helpful as well on Facebook with matters such as getting a roommate etc., which is not provided through regular housing. I also linked up with seniors already at Wayne State for additional information.

How has your experience been living in Detroit?
It has been wonderful. Detroit has rich history which is interesting for me. It feels like home. 

What has your experience been as a graduate student in your area of study?
For the two classes I have taken so far, the professors have been very efficient and provided us with all the resources we need to learn. The library also has great resources for research. I look forward to exploring any research opportunities that I come across.

How do you unwind/spend your free time?
I like to take walks to explore new places around, hang out with friends and read at the Detroit Public Library. I also try out new cuisines from time to time and visit social places such as restaurants to socialize. I really want to explore places such as the historic Whitney restaurant one of these days.

Do you have any advice for prospective graduate students considering WSU?
The engineering department at WSU is really good and has reputable faculty who are experts in their field. WSU feels like home for me and they should definitely consider it for further studies. I would highly recommend living on campus since it gives you the opportunity to meet and learn from students from different departments and nationalities.