Kushal Vashi

Kushal Vashi

Kushal Vashi

Master's student in the College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

What influenced your decision to attend WSU?

WSU is renowned for great research and faculty, in addition to being surrounding industries such as General Motors. As I am interested in mechanical engineering, it was a perfect place for me. Prior to joining WSU, I kept in touch with Professor Golam Newaz regarding his research on composite materials engineering which I was interested in. WSU is also known for CRASH software used in car safety, another interest of mine. My brother studied at WSU as well back in 2005 and had a great experience as a student.

How did you navigate the application process with WSU?
After I finished my application process I would get emails from the graduate school about ongoing activities, scholarships, internship opportunities etc. My 1-20 was delayed so I contacted Ellen from the mechanical engineering department and she worked together with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) to have it mailed to me by Fedex promptly.

What resources did you find helpful during your transition once you got to the US from your home country?
The Graduate Indian Student Association (GISA) group helped me meet other students who were coming to the US around the same time. The WSU housing department helped me find accommodation and other students I met were also helpful.

How has your experience been living in Detroit?
It has been a good experience. Professors are available and willing to help. There is also diversity and everyone is very helpful. One elderly man in my apartment building interacts with my roommates and I often, and reminds us to study hard. I look forward to exploring new places during my time here.

What has your experience been as a graduate student in your area of study?
I get emails to attend research conferences where I have had the best experiences in learning about ongoing research such as technology used in brakes. I also attended a career fair where I had positive responses from some companies regarding future internships.

How do you unwind/spend your free time?
I go to downtown area which is beautiful. I have also been to Somerset Mall which has a Tesla Motors showroom and was a great experience for me.

Any advice for prospective graduate students considering WSU?
Detroit is not as unsafe as depicted, particularly the Wayne State area. Campus police are always present to ensure your safety. Also, everyone in the university is very helpful. Be confident and seize the opportunities that come your way.