Spotlight view

Kelsey Jorgensen PhD student in anthropology, focus in Andean bioculture
Mohammad Soroush Barhaghi CSC and ChE student, lead developer of GPU Optimized Monte Carlo molecular simulation code
Dominique Golden MSW and GCEI student, founder of Rights4Refugees
Michanda Gant MSW student, President of Wayne State's Association of Black Social Workers
Kyle Canjar MA and MMUS student, Rumble Fellow
Danielle Shields MSW ‘18, Development and Program Coordinator at nonprofit Rebel Nell
Jenny Lendrum Ph.D. candidate in sociology, KCP Fellow
Amanda Lewan ’12 MA in English, Co-Founder & CEO Bamboo Detroit
Stephen Dzul WSU alum '18 has no regrets in pursing an MD/PhD
Lisa Westbrooks Ph.D. student in curriculum and instruction, KCP Fellow
Rebecca Culcasi M.S. and Ph.D. student in radiation oncology with a focus in medical physics
Kelly Krawczyk WSU alumna '13 studies civil society in West Africa
Lindsay Toman Ph.D. student, sociology with a focus on medical and LGBTQ studies
Erin Stanley M.S.W. and Ph.D. S.W.A.N. student, Rumble Fellow
Annisa M.P. Rochadiat Communication Studies, Ph.D. Candidate, Jakarta, Indonesia
Gavin Sanders Ph.D. student in Psychology
Seema Shah, Ph.D. Ph.D. Cancer Biology, Wayne State, 2016
Dulmini Barupala, Ph.D. Program Coordinator of WSU Med-Direct
Zheni Shen, Ph.D. Ph.D. Biology, Wayne State, 2015
Tharun Kumar Vuka Master's student in the College of Engineering
Kushal Vashi Master's student in the College of Engineering
Noopur Apte Master's student in the College of Engineering
Megan Ellis MBA student, focus in information systems management
Matthew Lacouture Fulbright scholar studies neoliberalism and labor movements in Jordan