Participant experiences

Johnny RicksJohnny Ricks

M.A. student, Communication Studies

"The GPPD seminars are a fantastic complement to my studies at WSU. I recently attended a seminar on personal integrity in the workplace, and the experience really enhanced my understanding of the topic. The GPPD seminars provide a great opportunity for students to deepen their professional acumen and become even more valuable contributors to their respective disciplines and fields."

Stefanie BaierStefanie Baier

Postdoctoral scholar, Academic Affairs, Student Success, Office of the Provost

"Micro-credentials are a great way of showing accomplishments in a visual way that draws employers' attention. Instructions to set up the account for Credly digital micro-credentialing were simple. The process is very clear, and the organization of the badges into the various competency areas helps guide my professional development and set future goals. I was able to claim my badges instantly and share them on social media to enhance my CV/resume.

In the past, I have used traditional approaches to building my resume. I have learned that more and more employees even in academia are using professional job sites on social media to select candidates. Micro-credentialing is an exciting way for me to build a portfolio of digital badges which will benefit me when I am on the job market."

Chibuzo ObikweluChibuzo C. Obikwelu

M.Sc. student, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

"The Leadership, Microaggressions and Negotiation seminars were insightful and worthwhile. I really enjoyed attending. The presenters did a great job explaining in-depth concepts. One of the important items l got out of the negotiation seminar was that 'life gives you what you negotiate for not what you deserve'. Through these seminars, graduate students can gain professional development while building their profile in their respective careers."

Maria ClaraMaria Clara Martucci

M.A. student, Communication Studies

"Through the GPPD seminars, the Graduate Schools is giving us the opportunity to enhance our skills and abilities to be better prepared for both the professional world and academia. The three GPPD seminars I have attended so far were more than informational workshops. They were inspirational moments of personal and professional development. For instance, the microaggressions seminar presented by Dr. Padgett had a significant impact on me. The seminar gave me a new perspective of small offenses and prejudices present in daily life interactions that I've never realized before. I appreciate that Wayne State and the Graduate School are offering these high-quality seminars with specialists in each topic. I highly recommend that all graduate students at Wayne attend them not only to learn but also to receive micro-credentials."

Javad RoostaeiJavad Roostaei

Ph.D. Candidate, Civil & Environmental Engineering

"I am a lifelong learner. I am eager to learn as many as skills I can in my career and life. GPPD seminars give me the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the area. I have attended many seminars in Wayne State University. Negotiation Skills, Leadership, Resume to CV, Microaggression, Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL), and Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) workshops, just to name a few. I am very happy that we have this cool micro-credential program now for some of the workshops. To show my accomplishments, I can easily add the certificate to my LinkedIn and employer can also see and verify them much faster."