Open postdoctoral position, faculty mentor Li Li


A two-year junior postdoctoral position in smooth-muscle cell development and dysfunction. Our current research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of cytoskeleton-ECM interaction in oxidative stress, inflammation, apoptosis and vascular stiffness in the pathogenesis of aneurysms. The background literature of our current research is PMID: 20224039, 21183509, 29284006. We are also interested in lineage specification during hematopoiesis and vascular development.

Required qualifications

  • Obtained a Ph.D. after December 2018.
  • Self-motivated, hardworking, responsible and organized.
  • Demonstrates strong research experience in molecular biology.
  • Solid technical skills in protein-protein, protein-DNA interaction, or genomic/noncoding RNA/bioinformatic analyses.
  • Excellent publication record and communication skills.

Required application materials

  • CV
  • Personal statement on your research experience and career goals.
  • Contact information for 3 references.

Submit all materials as a single PDF by email to Dr. Li Li,