Open postdoctoral position, faculty mentor Charles Chung


My lab studies striated muscle function and structure, with a primary focus on cardiac relaxation (diastolic function/left ventricular relaxation). Potential research opportunities exist on two overlapping projects: Mechanical Control of Relaxation and Ultrasound Analysis of Cardiac Structure.

Mechanical Control of Relaxation utilizes live tissues from small animal models to study how conditions that control how quickly a muscle relaxes after it contracts. Both pharmacologic and genetic models are used. Additionally, molecular biology and computational modeling supplement the mechanistic studies.

Ultrasound Analysis of Cardiac Structure utilizes both in vivo and ex vivo imaging of hearts (primarily laboratory models) to determine the alignment of cells within the heart and to determine what molecular/cellular properties impact the ultrasonic (echocardiographic) signal. Significant signal processing and 3D reconstruction will be performed.

Required qualifications

A PhD or equivalent degree is required. Applicant is expected to have co-authored multiple research publications. Experience with animal handling, striated muscle function research, or physiology research are all useful but not required. A physics, mathematics, programming, or engineering background would be beneficial, but not necessarily required for the ultrasound project.

Required application materials

Cover letter CV/Biosketch Contact information for 3 potential scientific references. For the cover letter, the applicant is expected to comment on previous research experience, how it contributes to or what skills they seek to learn by contributing to projects relating to any one of the following papers available on pubmed: PMID: 28087265, PMID: 30710504, or PMID: 31155403, and what their ultimate career goals are (industry/academia).

Submit all materials as a single PDF by email to Dr. Charles Chung,