College and school graduate office responsibilities

The school/college graduate office has oversight responsibility for the master's, specialist certificate and graduate certificate programs within the school/college. The office typically is headed by an associate dean, known as the college or school graduate officer. The graduate office has responsibility for the following activities for students in its master's and certificate programs.

Student admissions

  • Initiates change-of-status admissions for Wayne State graduate students requesting to transfer into or add graduate programs in the college/school
  • Maintains official files of graduate students admitted into the programs of the school/college

Student progress

  • Communicates to the Records Office all changes to be made to the student's record (transcript)
  • Approves students' Plans of Work and notifies Records Office of students' achievement of degree candidacy
  • Assures that students file Plans of Work, make adequate progress toward degrees and meet academic standards.

Student graduation

  • Certifies students' completion of all degree requirements and notifies the Records Office to post degrees

Quality assurance

  • Places student dismissal holds, removes probation and candidacy holds as warranted
  • Approves special requests and exceptions to policy that fall within the authority of the school/college, makes recommendations on those requests that require approval by the Graduate School or provost
  • Works with the departments and programs to resolve problems and to maintain appropriate standards of graduate education
  • Approves all petitions for transfer of graduate credit
  • The school/college graduate officer attends meetings of Graduate Council and of graduate directors, remains informed of graduate issues and changes, and communicates with departments on these issues