Grade and academic appeals procedures

Grade appeal procedures

Students should first seek to settle grade disputes informally with the instructor. The dean's office of each school/college has established formal grade appeal procedures. Links to these procedures are also available on the Office of the Provost website. In most instances, formal grade appeals must be filed within 30 days of the time the student has or should have received their final grade.

Academic appeal procedures

In matters where a college's signed final decision is based upon the evaluation of a student's academic performance, and when review procedures available to them within the college have been exhausted, the student may request the provost to review that decision on the record. The college of record for doctoral students is the Graduate School since the Graduate School is responsible for oversight of doctoral academic processes and certifying doctoral degrees. A written request for a provost review must be made by the student themselves, with a copy to the dean of the college, postmarked within 30 calendar days of the postmark of the college's final decision, which is to be sent to the address provided by the student in the college's review procedures. The request for a provost review should outline any additional arguments the student wishes to be taken into consideration by the provost's review. The provost's review of the college's decision will proceed as soon as practicable after notification by the student of their wish to seek review.

The student may also file with the provost a request for a postponement of the effect of the college's final decision. Such a request must be postmarked within seven calendar days of the postmark of the college's final decision, and a copy must be sent to the dean of the college. Upon receiving a request for postponement, the provost will immediately contact the dean. Unless the college demonstrates clearly and convincingly that the injury to the college or to third persons that would result from such a postponement would outweigh the injury to the student from denying the postponement, the effect of the decision rendered by the college must be postponed until the date that the provost issues a decision regarding the underlying request for provost review. The provost will inform the student and the dean of their decision regarding the request for postponement within three school days after receiving the request. Exceptions to this procedure may be granted by the provost upon a showing of good and sufficient cause.

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