Revisions stemming from the Final Defense

Dissertation readiness for the defense

Dissertation committee members must be mindful that signing part 1 of the Defense form indicates their assessment that the dissertation is ready for the defense. Under no circumstances should a committee member sign Part 1 of the Defense form if they have not read the dissertation. A pre-defense meeting of the student and whole committee is recommended, allowing committee members to indicate their concerns regarding the dissertation and the student to make needed revisions. Consequently, no requests for major revisions of the dissertation should arise at the defense.

Ph.D. completion deadline

Each semester, the Graduate School establishes a Ph.D. completion deadline by which time all work must be completed and all required documents submitted, if the Ph.D. is to be awarded that semester. Any dissertation revisions stemming from the defense must be finished by the completion deadline for the semester.

Communicating dissertation revision requirements

To communicate to the Graduate School that revisions to the dissertation were requested at the defense, a box will be added to the Defense form that indicates “Changes Required.” The dissertation advisor should not sign the dissertation cover page until the student has made all required revisions. Submission of the cover page to the Graduate School will indicate that the student has made the revisions satisfactorily.